Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Mark a Paradigm Shift in Abortion Debate

The Center for Medical Progress has just released the 9th in a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling the organs of unborn babies.

These videos are shining a light on the truth of abortion-on-demand like nothing before them, unmasking Planned Parenthood like a Scooby Doo villain while sparking what will hopefully be a paradigm shift in the abortion debate.

Abortion can tend to be a nebulous subject for some. But for any issue to resonate and have emotional attachment and political value, it must move from fuzzy concepts like “life” and “choice” down into the real world. That’s where these videos will almost surely help bolster the pro-life argument.

Pro-aborts resonate well by appearing to be concerned for the wellbeing of women. This leaves many with the impression that they stand merely for a woman’s health and individuality, whereas pro-lifers are simply judgmental, uncompassionate, and morally rigid.

Ultrasounds have helped pro-lifers put a literal face to the vague concept of the “life” that they want to protect. However, even ultrasounds have their limits. Most only present a silhouette of a tiny human being, lacking the full emotional attachment that an image with visible eyes or facial expressions would have. And in most cases, abortionists flat out refuse to show a woman the ultrasound image, perpetuating the lie that an unborn baby is “just tissue.”

For many, it’s just easier to grasp the rights of a clearly present, visible woman than the more obscured, silent child in the womb.

However, the appearance of concern for women is shattered as the videos expose Planned Parenthood execs discuss altering the abortion procedure, not for the woman’s benefit, but to improve the chances of extracting parts which can be sold at a higher price. In fact, the abortionists outwardly admit that altering the procedure makes the abortion more difficult to perform and endure.

Amid the discussion of “wanting a Lamborghini” from the profits of the sales of unborn baby organs and discussing how and where to “crush” to get a better product, the woman becomes an afterthought, putting the lie to pro-aborts’ narrative of woman-centric “compassion.”

And where ultrasounds lack in defining features of human life, these videos provide a perfect supplement. Whereas pro-aborts would like women to believe that their baby is a “clump of cells,” the videos contain repeated—and jarringly blunt—mention of organs: livers, hearts, brains, etc.

This point cannot be stressed enough. Where there are organs, there is an organism. In this case, an indisputably human organism. Any 6th grade Biology text book explains the difference between cells, tissues, and organs. The very mention of organs testifies to the humanity of the unborn.

Whether it is done for profit, research, harvesting of parts, or however one seeks to justify it, the fact remains that abortion kills a live human being. By exposing the callousness of Planned Parenthood, and its de-facto admissions of the humanity of unborn life, these videos could mark a real game changer in the abortion debate.

I don’t expect the videos’ impact to be felt immediately. Sadly, less than half of the population has heard of them, and the pro-abortion narrative is as good as gospel in the Democrat Party and the mainstream media.

But as William Wilberforce once said of the bystanders in the British Empire, who turned a blind eye to the evils of the slave trade, “you may choose to look away, but you can never say again that you did not know.” And if even a small percentage of the American people see these videos, that’s far more likely to produce movement in the direction of justice for all human life.
Mark Elsasser is the Editor in Chief of Conservative Force.

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